December 12, 2015

Stidham Breaks Quickly From the Gate

By Marcus Hersh

Mike Stidham is leading trainer at Fair Grounds after three racing weeks, and it’s not just that 10 of his 25 starters have won, but that 20 of them have finished third or better. Pretty much every horse Stidham has saddled at the meeting has at least run to expected form, if not beyond it. Horseplayers savvy enough to jump on the bandwagon from the start have been richly rewarded: Stidham’s $2 win return on investment stands at $3.07 entering this week’s racing.

Fox Valley Equine Practice
Nov. 1st, 2005

Dear Amy;

I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciated your presentation at our inaugural Illinois Practitioners Association Meeting. It was informative, interesting and timely. The response from the veterinarians who attended was extremely positive and both you and Dr. Vacek were central to that reaction.

As you know, Dr. Siegrest was so interested in what you had to say that he suggested the three practices combine to get you back for a client presentation. Dr. Siegrest and I attended Purina's fall conference for veterinarians in 2004 together and we both thought your information was more accessible!

So thanks again for a job well done and for helping us to start the ball rolling on what we believe will become a meaningful organization in the state of Illinois.


David R. Heinze, D.V. M.

Dancing Horse Farm 
August 2014 


"In early July during the very hot, humid days, both of my boys were excessively panting when working and even in their stalls, but without any other symptoms, the cause was initially unclear. A complete veterinarian work up showed both horses to be in excellent physical condition with nothing abnormal about them?? - even their lungs and upper airways were perfectly clear. We assumed the breathing issues must be related to the crazy high allergen and pollen levels, so we opted to treat with a generic anti-histamine, TriHist. Unfortunately, the day after starting it, my horse Taffy, suddenly stopped sweating in addition to panting! After no longer continuing the TriHist, we took the next step which was to draw blood. 

Blood tests concluded with one horse showing elevated Eosinophils indicating that his system was under respiratory stress. So while dealing with their respiratory issues, I also decided I wanted to conduct a full evaluation of their feeding program. I decided I wanted to get an independent evaluation conducted by someone not associated with a feed company and asked my vet for a recommendation. Without hesitation, he recommended, Dr. Amy Gill, an equine nutritionist in Lexington, KY. To meet their high performance needs for Omega 3 Fatty acids and to help with general inflammation and lung health, I've purchased her (Omega Tri) liquid supplement which she recommends for all horses under heavy workloads. It has been three weeks since beginning to make the recommended changes to their diets. 

Amazingly, I saw immediate results which I credit to the introduction of alfalfa hay, which Dr. Gill recommended I add to their diet. They both are now sweating well and are much more energetic and they both seem noticeably stronger with a lot more stamina as well. The electrolyte Dr Gill  formulated and recommended (Electro-Ryte) has increased their water consumption (which is great given that they both had a small sweating issue recently). I feel that the time I spent in researching how to optimize my boys' nutrition has been very fruitful and I learned a lot along the way."

~Jen Truett 

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