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Today's post is going to center around a unique and novel product called EquiOtic, an equine origin probiotic developed by Dr. Bill Bernard. If you are unfamiliar with equine probiotics, I would suggest reading this article from the Equine Chronicle, Probiotics and Prebiotics Aid Equine Digestion. If you are familiar with the equine probiotic products on the market, you will find that Equitivia is unlike any other product available.

First, EquiOtic is equine-specific because of its equine origin. How is that so? Well, EquiOtic contains Lactobacillus reuteri.

  • Bacteria L. reuteri is of equine origin due to being cultured from the colon of the horse. L. reuteri has also been shown to inhibit the growth of Salmonella

Second, EquiOtic is designed with a unique protective package that maintains and ensures the viability of each portion or dose. Every time you administer EquiOtic, you know that your horse is receiving a live equine origin probiotic.

By being alive and equine-specific, EquiOtic  will colonize in the equine G.I. tract.

As an equine probiotic, EquOtic is ideal for:

  • Periods of abnormal G.I. function
  • Before and during treatment with antibiotics  
  • Before and during periods of stress 
  • Before and during periods of hospitalization
  • Prior to shipping
  • Prior to stressful performance
  • Weaning
  • Maintaining a normal G.I. function

EquiOtic is a new unique and novel equine specific probiotic product. For your horse's gastrointestinal health, choose EquiOtic. Click Here for more information